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Untitled [Oct. 11th, 2007|08:15 pm]
More inane wanderings in the A Team fandom :-)

Even by bikini standards it was skimpy. Against her well-tanned skin even Murdock had to admit that the white two-piece looked stunning. Her cleavage was definitely in danger of escaping too. At least if it came to that her long blonde hair might have at least covered some of her attributes. Murdock could tell that as far as she was concerned there was only one person on the beach worth spending any time on. Templeton Peck.

Face, of course, was completely unaware of the attention being foisted upon him by the onlooker. He sat on the beach reading a magazine with a large glass of tequila within easy reach. Two weeks vacation with not a care in the world. He sighed loudly. Realising he hadn’t seen Murdock recently he glanced back over his shoulder and looked along the boardwalk. There was no obvious sign of his friend. Shrugging he returned to his magazine.

The blonde casually pushed her hair back behind her shoulders and tugged at her bikini top. Like it needed any more adjusting, Murdock noted. She tottered across the boardwalk in her stiletto heeled shoes before stepping into the warm sand. Quickly realising that her progress was going to be somewhat impeded by the fine grains under her feet, she slipped her footwear off and bent over to pick them up giving Murdock an amazing view of her rear end. She was, he had to admit, beautifully sculpted. It was at this point that the pilot had to make a decision whether to hastily return to his friend or continue his voyeurism. He opted for the latter.

“Excuse me.” The blonde said. “Have we met before?” It sounded corny but it had never failed her yet.

Face squinted as he slowly looked up taking in the legs, the bikini bottoms and then her cleavage before finally settling on her face. He swallowed. Somewhat flustered he dropped the magazine on the sand.

Her smile appeared to stretch from ear to ear. “You sure look familiar.” She added.

Face swallowed again. Pulling himself together. “I … I …. I don’t think so.” He hauled himself to his feet.

“Sandy Mae McKenzie.” She said thrusting a hand in his direction. “We weren’t at school together, were we?”

Face smiled. “No, somehow I think I would have remembered.”

Sandy giggled. “Well it’s never too late to get to know me. It sure is hot out here.” She tugged at her bikini top again.

Face glanced round again still hoping to see Murdock. “It’s just that … errrm .. I am waiting for a friend.”

“He look like you? Three is always a party.” Sandy winked. “Or is he a her? Someone already steal you away from me, handsome?”

“No, it’s not like that.” Face said, only too aware that he was probably now as red as the shorts he was wearing.

“Come on then. One drink won’t hurt, would it?” She slid a hand round his arm and tugged gently. “There’s a place I know just around the corner.”

Face sighed. “I really ought to wait.” But in reality the cleavage and the skimpy bikini bottoms were beginning to win him over. She was incredibly beautiful and this was a vacation after all.

“They’ll understand.” She said pulling just a little harder. “This place I know they do a little more than selling a good cold beer if you know what I mean. They have a place where we wouldn’t be disturbed.”

Face let himself be led. Even as he walked across the sand he knew that this probably wasn’t the wisest move he would ever make. It had been a while since he had been picked up. Too long. Too many missions leaving him feeling jaded, exhausted. Maybe a little fun was just what he needed. What harm would an hour or two of pleasant physical exertion do after all? Much better than one of Hannibal’s twenty mile route marches. Sandy did have everything that he needed after all. Even so he would have liked to have explained to Murdock about his plans. It seemed unfair to leave him completely alone. It had, after all, been Face’s idea to head to the beach for the day. On the other hand he had been gone so long maybe he had made a conquest of his own.

Screwing Sandy had given him a sense of release. That was all it had been though for him and apparently for her. She grabbed her bikini top and slid back into it like a professional. Face quickly realised that this was obviously something she did on a regular basis. She had also made it only too clear that she had no intentions of seeing him again. As Face lay in the semi darkened room, she busied herself brushing her hair. She slung the covers back on the bed where they had hastily been kicked aside only minutes before.

“You better get dressed. They’ll want the room.”

Face frowned.

“Come on, honey.” She picked his shorts up and tossed them over to him. “Just a bit of fun. You do remember what fun is, don’t you?” She did then manage a slight smile. “Not every day you get dragged off the beach by a buxom blonde, is it?”

Face raised an eyebrow. “I guess this just isn’t what I was expecting.”

Sandy laughed. “What did you expect? You just got the whole package. Sun, sea and scintillating sex.”

Face smiled. “Well I wouldn’t go that far but I suppose two out of three isn’t that bad.”

Sandy obviously didn’t find the comment amusing. “I didn’t hear you complaining just now.”

Face sighed. He was only too aware that he had been used. On the other hand it hadn’t been exactly an unpleasant experience. He just wanted more. But then would he really have got “more” from someone who picked him up on the beach just because of the way he looked. He was annoyed with himself for being so nieve. It wasn’t the first time his “pretty boy” looks had led him down this path. It just hadn’t happened for a long time. At least it proved that he still had something going for him.

Sandy paused by the door. “Don’t be long OK?”

Face nodded. “No point me saying ‘see you around’ then?”

Sandy shook her head. “No, none. Tell you what though how about I leave you with a ‘thanks for everything’ instead?”

Face trudged slowly back to the beach. By now the sun was setting. The beach was much quieter now. In fact there were only a few couples strolling by the sea’s edge. It was easy, though, to pick out Murdock. He was standing looking out to sea. Face walked slowly over to him.

“I can explain.” Face said, his voice barely a whisper.

Murdock shrugged. “Nothing to explain. I’m not your keeper.”

Face frowned. “I at least owe you an explanation for disappearing.”

Murdock still stared straight ahead. “Why?”

“Because friends just don’t go off and leave friends that’s why.” Face replied.

“It’s your vacation as much as mine. Whose to say I wouldn’t have done the same if the opportunity arose?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Murdock sighed. “I saw her. She was astoundingly beautiful.”

“You saw her?”

“Sure. Long blonde hair and that oh so white bikini. I think the entire male population in the vicinity saw her. She picked you though. That says something, don’t you think?”

Face nodded. “Yeah just not anything good.”

Murdock turned to face him then. “I wouldn’t say that. It says that you still have that hot sex appeal that women find irresistible.”

“Sure. And what happens when that is gone, Murdock? What does it mean now for that matter? That I can guarantee to find some dumb blonde that will screw me whenever they or I feel like it?”

Murdock shrugged. “A lot of men would do anything to have that.”

“Are you among them?”

Murdock smiled. “Actually no. I have always wanted more than just a physical release from a relationship. I want something completely different. I want someone to love me for who I am not what I appear to be. I want commitment, friendship, someone to grow old with who won’t be out the door the first time a younger, sexier man comes along.”

Face nodded. “I hope you find that. I hope we both find that one day.”

Murdock paused then. “You deserve better than this.” He waved an arm in the direction that he had seen Sandy take. “You know it. I know it. You have to change your ways Face.” He stared at the sand. “I can see where you will end up otherwise.”

“You know me better than I know myself these days.” Face reached over and squeezed his friend’s shoulder. “How about in future I get you to vet any potential female admirers?”

Murdock swallowed. “No that is one thing that I could never do.”

Face tilted his head to one side. “Hey it’s OK. It was a joke.”

“Maybe to you. Not to me. This isn’t the time or the place. Maybe in another lifetime ….” Murdock’s voice drifted away.


The pilot sighed. “You want to go get a beer or something?”

“Sure. Then maybe we can talk?”

Murdock nodded. “We can do whatever you want, compadre.”

Face had a feeling that this evening was somehow going to be a turning point in his life but had no idea why. One thing he was sure of though, Murdock was the key.
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The Coward (The A Team) [Oct. 11th, 2007|06:09 am]
More A Team mush for my friend .... You know who you are!!

The wind had been blowing for several days and the pile of leaves on the doorstep was almost ankle deep. It wouldn’t be long before the snow started to fall and winter would once again be on the mountain. Not that that unduly worried Face. It wasn’t his first winter up here and he was pretty sure it wouldn’t be his last either. He had bought the cabin three years before and it was now his refuge away from everything. A place of peace and tranquillity without guns, violence or any demands being put on him. He had already ensured a good pile of firewood and plenty of fuel for the generator. He had a well-stocked freezer and enough books to keep him going through the long dark days of winter when leaving the cabin would not be an option.

Wrapping his coat tighter around him, he stomped down the narrow track for a few yards. The sun was sliding over the mountain opposite and darkness was falling on the valley below. Before long it would be dark and the temperature would plummet. More than time he had a fire lit and dinner cooking. Yet the sight of the orange and pink sky fascinated him and he wondered fleetingly where the rest of the team were. Were they too looking at this very sky? His thoughts turned to Murdock. Face had to admit to himself that he did miss the man’s companionship. His humour. His laugh. He was the only one of the team who really seemed to understand Face’s need for solitude. Maybe because he had experienced it himself so much over the years at the VA. Then there were those other feelings. The ones that he kept buried. The ones that would always be kept buried and the ones that threatened to tear him apart. Turning his mind to supper he hurried indoors.

Murdock parked the Jeep. He had spent the last four hours seemingly driving in circles trying to find Maple Oak Meadow. It had been well over a year since he had been there last. Of course then he hadn’t been driving. The entire team had been invited to see Face’s winter retreat and it had been a wonderful weekend of relaxation and good food. This time Murdock was reliant on the map that BA had been given at the time. Fortunately it had been kept safe in case the need arose for any of them to go back up there again. It had taken Murdock a lot of pleading to get his hands on it though. Now it was virtually dark and he had at least an hour of hiking up a narrow trail ahead of him. He contemplated spending the night in the Jeep but was only too aware about the dropping temperature. Murdock grabbed the flashlight from the back seat and started up the trail.

Face turned the radio off. The fire was already dying down and the room was beginning to slowly lose its heat. More than time to head for bed. He collected his plate from supper and wandered through to the small kitchen. Outside the moon shone brightly in the sky outlining the branches of the old tree. In the distance an owl hooted. Face was sure the following day would dawn bright and clear. He planned on being up early for a walk in the woods on the far side of the mountain. He tried to stifle a yawn, grabbed the glass of Scotch he had poured earlier and headed for the bedroom.

The lamp beside the bed cast a soft warm glow across the room. He put the glass down on the table and sat wearily on the edge of the bed. The hike tomorrow would be long and arduous but he was pleased that at least he would be tired enough at the end of the day for sleep to come easily. No nightmares. No bad dreams. He lay back on the bed, his legs dangling over the edge and closed his eyes.

Murdock swore loudly as he tripped for the third time over a branch. Managing to stay on his feet, he began to wish that he had opted for the sleeping in the vehicle idea. The trail narrowed as it climbed further up the mountain and although the moon was bright, it was still hard to follow the path. He just hoped that some large animal with gaping jaws wasn’t hot on his heels. By the time he reached the cabin it was after midnight and the old wooden building was in darkness. The only sign that there might be life within was the thin plume of smoke that rose in to the night sky. Unsure what to do, Murdock sat on the porch swing. He had hoped he would have made it long before his friend retired for the night. After a few minutes consideration, Murdock decided to try the door. Needless to say it was locked. Face had more sense than to leave an open invitation to any passing thief or vagabond … not that there were likely to be many this far off the beaten track. Putting his rucksack down on the porch he knocked loudly on the door.

“Face.” His voice echoed down the valley despite the fact that he hadn’t called all that loudly.

He waited hoping that his friend would emerge from the darkness.

“Hey Face. It’s me Murdock.” He knocked again.

Face sat upright somewhat surprised to find that he had fallen asleep still sprawled across the bed and fully clothed. The bedside lamp still cast its warm glow across the room but with the door shut and there being no windows whoever was outside would never have noticed. He glanced at the clock. Late. Far too late for visitors.

Murdock sighed. Resigning himself to either a slow walk back down the trail or a cold night on the porch swing, he turned away from the door. He was about half a dozen steps away from the porch when Face turned the light on. The door opened slowly and he peered out into the semi darkness. He recognised Murdock immediately.

“What the …..??”

Murdock smiled. “Not expecting visitors then.”

Face smiled broadly. “No and particularly not you. What the hell you doing up here Murdock?”

“I missed you.” His friend replied. “Been a while.”

And it had been. Four weeks to be precise.

Murdock ambled back to the porch and up the three rickety old steps. “You going to invite me in then or do I have to spend the night out here?”

Face grinned. “Well how about you give me a few minutes to think on that.”

Murdock however had other ideas and shouldered past him into the warmth, such as it was, of the cabin. “I’ve nearly been torn limb from limb by bears, constricted by snakes and nibbled to death by gnats to get here, the least you can do is put me up for just one night.” He strode purposefully over to the fire that was nearly out. “Any chance of a coffee or something?”

Face shut the door. “I just don’t believe you came all this way in the middle of the night Murdock.”

“It wasn’t when I left.” Murdock replied curtly trying to warm his hands in the near stone cold fireplace. “Why’d you have to move to the end of the world anyway? I mean I know you like your solitude but you can have that in town with a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.”

Face laughed. It felt good to have company. Particularly Murdock’s company. He stood quietly smiling inanely to himself. The pilot looked well. Better than he had in quite a while.

“No one asked you to come.” Face replied somewhat tongue in cheek. “But I am glad you did. So, coffee?”

Murdock nodded. “Seemed like it had been a while. None of us had heard anything. I thought maybe I ought to come and check. Make sure some big Grizzly hadn’t dragged you off. Mind you, you wouldn’t make much of a meal. You lost some weight lately?”

Face shook his head. “Not that I have noticed. Just plenty of good healthy outdoor living, lots of exercise and no junk food.”

“You sure that’s all it is, Face?” Murdock sounded genuinely concerned. “There never was too much meat on you at the best of times.”

“Honest. I am fine. Stop worrying about me. I came down off the mountain last year in one piece. I am sure I can do the same this year.” Face smiled, touched by his friend’s concern. “So did Hannibal send you up here?”

“No. Entirely my own idea. As I said, I kind of missed you.” Murdock looked away back into the embers of the fire. “No one to annoy.” He added trying to lighten the mood.

“Not even BA?”

“Especially not BA. He’s wrapped up in too much stuff these days. Haven’t seen much of him or the Colonel.”

Face sighed. “Well maybe that’s a good thing, eh? No missions for things to go wrong on. No risk to life or limb.” By this time the kettle had boiled and Face poured the boiling water into the mug. “You planning on staying a while?”

Murdock shrugged. “Depends.”

“On what?”

“Weather mainly. Don’t want to get stranded up here with you for months on end.”

Face handed him the mug. “That’d be such a bad thing, would it?”

“You and me? Here? With no one else for company? Cabin fever would break out in days.” Murdock said, smiling.

Face laughed. “I don’t know. I always thought we made a pretty good team you and me. If I had to be stranded up here with anyone I’d pick you every time.”

“Really?” Murdock said, sipping the steaming hot coffee.

Face looked away then. Realising he was on the verge of heading down a dead end street. His feelings for the pilot had changed so much over the years. These days there was more than just the friendship he once felt. He felt a deep love and admiration for the man standing beside him now. The sorts of emotions that Murdock would never understand in a million years and if he were to ever let those feelings escape he risked losing everything they shared now.

“I heard on the radio there is a storm heading this way. Won’t hit till maybe Friday though. You’ll be fine here for a couple of days. As long as you head back Thursday you’ll be back in town before the wind and rain arrives.” Face strolled across the room to the cabin door. “It’s a beautiful night. You were lucky there weren’t any clouds. You could have been stumbling around out there for hours otherwise.”

Murdock found himself a seat beside the fire. “I thought about sleeping in the Jeep and starting up here at first light. I guess that might have made more sense.”

“Not really. I have never known you get lost on a well worn trail.”

Murdock smiled. “In daylight yes but maybe tackling it after dark wasn’t such a great idea.”

“You got here that’s all that matters.” Face said leaning against the door and looking out into the dark. “And I am glad that you came. You want me to make up the spare bed or are you happy on the couch for tonight?” His mind raced. Neither was where he really wanted Murdock to spend the night. He closed his eyes allowing his mind the luxury of a vision of Murdock wrapped naked around his own body. Murdock’s lips brushing against his chest …

“The couch is fine, Face. You mind if we sling another log or two on the fire though? It’s a little chilly in here.”

Face swallowed dragging himself back to reality. “Sure I’ll go out and get a couple.”

“How about we both go? You show me where the wood is and I’ll carry it. No point us both getting dirty in the middle of the night.”

“Sure.” Face said.

Murdock was up early. He had made himself a coffee and was sitting on the steps on the porch when Face appeared.

“You sleep OK?”

Murdock glanced over his shoulder. “Yeah. I think mountaineering up here took more out of me than I thought. This really is a beautiful place. I can see now why you love it here so much.”

Face leant on the porch rail. “I don’t have to try to be anything I am not up here. No one to please. No pressures.”

“No company either. Don’t you ever get lonely, Face?” Murdock stared into the distance. “Or do you have some female hikers dropping by on a regular basis?”

Face laughed. “No. Well no to both actually. There are days when it would be nice to have someone to talk to but unless they only stayed a couple of days I would soon become boring company. I doubt anyone would last here longer than a week. It is better I am up here alone. Better for them and better for me.”

“I miss you.” Murdock said, his voice almost a whisper. “I guess we all do. Things aren’t like they used to be any more. BA has the children at the centre to keep him occupied. The Colonel still has his acting.”

“And you, Murdock?” Face said, sitting down beside him.

“I have therapy.” Murdock smiled.

Face gently squeezed his shoulder. “A man cannot live by therapy alone. You need to find yourself someone, Murdock. You are a good man. You have a lot to offer the right woman. You have a good heart, compassion and a sense of humour. What more would a woman want?”

“Money.” Murdock replied still smiling. “I don’t have a whole lot of that.”

“Money isn’t everything.” Face said, flatly. “What good has money done me? I have to admit I am good at what I do … scamming. I could make myself enough money to live well anywhere in the world. Instead what do I do? Buy myself a cabin miles from anywhere and hide away from everything and everyone.”

“You can’t hide from yourself, Face. You can’t hide from me either. All we want is for you to be happy. If being up here alone makes you happy then what is wrong with that?”

Face nodded. “Yeah. There aren’t many things I can hide from you.”

“And I never want you to. That is why we are friends. We have been through too much together. The whole situation with your father taught me never to try not being entirely truthful with you ever again.”

Face stood up. The conversation was starting to feel dangerous. He felt like he was beginning to wade into deep water and there was a strong undercurrent threatening to pull his feet out from underneath him.

Murdock sighed. Face was pulling away from him again. He was unsure how far he should pursue this conversation.

“You think you’ll stay till Thursday?” Face said, finally.

“I’ll stay until you ask me to leave.” Murdock replied.

“You’ll want to be back in town before the storm hits though.”

“If that is what you want.”

Face walked slowly along the porch. “You don’t need to know what I want.” His voice again was almost a whisper.

“I won’t unless you tell me.” Murdock was on his feet now standing with his feet apart and his hands resting lightly on his hips.

Face was genuinely surprised that his friend had heard him. “I can’t. It isn’t that simple. Life is seldom simple.” He looked away again.

“Whatever it is I promise it won’t go any further than this mountain. Don’t you think you can trust me even after everything we have been through?”

Face tilted his head to one side and ran his hand through his hair. “It isn’t a matter of trust. I would trust you with my life and my soul, Murdock.”

“Then what is it?” Murdock was standing beside him again now. “Whatever it is it is eating you up inside.”

“And if I tell you then I risk losing everything. Maybe it is better that this just tears me apart and leaves you untouched. I never want to hurt you. You have to know that.”

Murdock reached forward tentatively and touched his arm. “Tell me. Whatever it is. I can’t stand seeing you hurt like this.”

Face nodded. What had he to lose? Just everything. On the other hand could he hide a lie? One that was now so close to being revealed after so long.

“OK.” Face perched himself on the porch rail and stared at the wood decking. Murdock sat down beside him. Close but not quite touching.

“You ever found someone you thought you could love? Someone who seemed to be everything you have ever looked for. The perfect soul mate?”

Murdock frowned.

“They have everything that you ever thought you would want in a companion, lover and friend. Trouble is that they don’t know. And you don’t want to risk losing that friendship because you want so much more. Friendship isn’t enough. It’s good but you get greedy. Your mind is full of impossibilities. The longer it goes on the more painful it gets but what do you do? Eventually you have no choice because the physical pain that you feel every time you see that person threatens to destroy all that you have. So you take yourself out of the situation. You leave behind anything that reminds you of that person. Finally you think you have started to forget. Then something happens and the pain resurfaces all over again.”

“Like when the person visits you out of the blue?” Murdock said only too aware now that he was the key to his friend’s pain.

Face nodded. “And then when reality dawns he runs back to all that is safe and secure in town. Sad that he has lost a friend but glad that he left before things got any further out of hand.”

Murdock sighed. “And that is what you think I am going to do is it? Leaving you here alone with the pain and torment that you are feeling?”

Face shrugged. “It is probably what I would do.”

“It is a million miles from what you would do.” Murdock said quietly.

“So now you know. Or you think that you know. You have had an insight into what goes on in here.” Face laid his hand flat over his heart.

“How long, Face?”

“Too long. I have been a coward for more years than I care to remember. Or is it just that I have become too experienced an actor and have successfully played a role for so long it has become part of me?”

Murdock gently reached out and laid his hand on Face’s leg. He squeezed it. Face closed his eyes relishing the touch and grateful that it wasn’t a back hand around his head instead. If this was all that he would ever experience now then he was grateful for even that.

“We need to talk.” Murdock said finally, pulling away.

Face nodded. “Of course. Do you think that we can at least perhaps remain friends now that I have screwed everything up?”

Murdock sighed. “I think we can be a lot more. I don’t deny that this is going to take time. There is a lot to take in but let’s just say that this isn’t new territory for me.”

Face looked up then and straight into his friend’s eyes. “You want to explain that?”

Murdock smiled. “Do I really need to? You are more perceptive than that, Face. I never wanted to be the one to take that first step though … like you. So …” he paused struggling to find the right words “so let’s just say that maybe you weren’t the only coward.”

Face reached forward sliding his hand gently behind Murdock’s neck. He pulled him closer. He felt Murdock’s arms slide round his waist and they embraced. Lips joined in a first kiss. Face swayed slightly the torrent of emotions running through his head threatening to overwhelm him but Murdock steadied him.

Finally it was Murdock who pulled away. “Let’s take this inside. You and I have a lot of talking to do and a whole lot of lovemaking.” He took Face by the hand and led him back into the cabin stopping only to quietly close the door behind them.
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More Appeal Than A Hot Turkey Dinner [Nov. 25th, 2006|08:04 am]
More A Team mush written for a Thanksgiving Day challenge.

For my Morgan with love :-)


Face watched the rain slowly trickle down the window of his apartment. Thanksgiving. A day to be thankful. A day to be grateful for everything good in your life. And he was grateful. He had survived Vietnam. He had survived all the missions that Hannibal had sent them on. Yeah, he had a lot to be thankful for. Even so there was a certain irony that he should be spending today alone. That had been his choice. Hannibal had asked him at least three times to join him but somehow he felt like he would be intruding. It probably wasn't the case but he felt he had been invited because Hannibal felt maybe a little sorry for him. So here he was alone on a wet Thanksgiving Day afternoon watching the rain, remembering the good times and the bad. It seemed like the temperature had suddenly dropped in the room. He stood up slowly, stretched and walked over to the thermostat pushing it up a couple of degrees. Downstairs he could hear the sounds of laughter. Mrs Johnson had the family over. He had seen all the cars arrive a few hours back. People laughing, joking, happy to get together for a large turkey lunch. Mr Snyder next door had his daughter over. The smell of everyone elses roasting turkey seemed to permeate his whole apartment.

If it hadn't been raining he knew he would have driven over to the VA. Often these days he parked the Corvette outside and just sat. It was the closest he could get to Murdock. The closest without scamming something and in all honesty he was getting tired of that. Glancing at his watch he smiled. Murdock would be sitting down to lunch about now. He wondered if maybe there was any chance that amongst the turkey, the sweetcorn and sweet potatoes there was a second when his friend would think about him. Of course he had lied to Murdock. Several times when they last met the pilot had asked about his plans. Several times Face had told him that he wouldn't be home. There was that big blonde he had met the previous week or maybe the red head. It was a hard choice but someone had to make it! Murdock had smiled then. Face wasn't sure that his lie had been that convincing but finally Murdock stopped asking questions. Face had left that day promising to get back right after Thanksgiving. One way or the other he'd make sure that he got into see him. Trouble was that just visiting wasn't enough for Face any more. He wanted so much more. Days. Weeks. A lifetime. Never mind a big, buxom blonde. All he wanted was a tall, slender Texan. A guy with a heart as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon. A man who would risk his own life in a heartbeat for his.

Face went back to watching the rain again. Outside people scuttled to their cars. Before long it would be dark. Thanksgiving would be over for another year. He was so deep in thought that he barely heard the knock on the apartment door. Mrs Johnson with the turkey leftovers. Her words still echoed in his head.

"You're fading away. You know that? You sure you eat properly? You sure you don't want to come and join us? You know you're more than welcome. We're gonna have plenty." Face had had to smile politely and say no tactfully at least four times. He had assured her that he would get something delivered. He'd be just fine. Mrs Johnson had raised an eyebrow. "Tell you what if you won't come how about I drop something by when they've all gone?" Eventually Face had agreed and thanked her. It was a good neighbourly gesture and he didn't want her thinking he was unappreciative. It would after all save him sending out for something and in all honesty how many places would even be open?

The knock came again. More insistant this time. Mrs Johnson and her turkey leftovers were not willing to be ignored. Face ambled across the apartment. He slowly opened the door ready to accept the plate that would undoubtedly be groaning with at least eight different types of vegetable along with an entire turkey leg. It wasn't Mrs Johnson.

"Hey. You mind if I come in?"

Face felt his jaw drop.

"Face. I am just about soaked through. You gonna let me in or what?"

Face still said nothing but took a step back as his visitor pushed against the door.

"You any idea how hard it is to get out of that place. What happened to my favourite scam artist? I thought you might have dropped by and lent a hand compadre." Murdock shouldered out of his long wet coat. He dragged the soggy baseball cap off his head and tossed it on a chair. "There going to be looking for me before long. I think I hid the trail pretty well though. Hitchiked the first few miles then managed to get a lift most of the rest of the way." The coat joined the baseball hat on the armchair and Murdock headed to the kitchen. "You want a beer?"

Face still stood stock still but by now his smile was only too evident to his visitor.

"So you pleased to see me?" Murdock continued, searching through the fridge for something alcoholic.

Finally Face pulled himself together.


Murdock prised the lid off the beer bottle and tossed it on the side. "You want to join me?"

Face shook his head and realised that he was still grinning inanely.

"So just 'sure'? That's all I get for two hours of travelling in the rain?" Murdock paused and then smiled.

"You know I am pleased to see you. I just can't believe you got here." Face said, finally managing to string a whole sentence together.

"I gave up turkey and all the trimmings so you'd better be grateful." Murdock found himself another chair that wasn't full of dripping coat and sat down. "I'd been planning this for a while. Wasn't sure what I'd find when I got here though. No red head then?" He glanced through to the bedroom.

"No." Face said.

"How about the big, buxom, blonde? She been and gone already?"

Face laughed. "No Murdock. She never came."

Murdock smiled then. "Stood you up, huh? Got a better offer?"

Face blushed. "I think you know about the blonde and the red head. You aren't that nieve."

Murdock took a long swig of his beer and then smiled. "You mean that maybe, just maybe, they never actually existed?"

"Yeah." Face said, looking away.

Murdock put the beer down and leant on the arm of the chair staring in Face's direction. "She's out there somewhere. You just got to find her that's all."

Face shrugged. "Maybe."

"She is. I know it. One of these days when you least expect it you'll find her. She will see beyond your pretty looks. See the real Face."

"Trouble is Murdock ...." Face paused. "I am not sure who the real Face is any more."

"You don't? He's an all round good guy. He's kind. He's smart. He's the sort of person you just want to be with. Why'd you think I came all the way over here? You got more appeal to me than a hot turkey dinner!" Murdock smiled.

Face though seemed lost in thought.

"Face?" Murdock said finally after the silence seemed a little too long. He still didn't get a reply. Sliding out of his chair he walked over and knelt down beside his friend. "Hey. You wanna tell me what's going on in that pretty head of yours?"

Face looked up. "Who am I, Murdock?"

Murdock looked puzzled.

"I mean who am I really?"

"I just told you. Weren't you listening?"

Face sighed. "I think I pulled one too many scams. Took on one too many identities. I think somewhere along the way I lost me."

"You could never lose you." Murdock leant forward and gently squeezed his arm. "I'm the one they keep locked up. If anyone got lost along the way it was me not you. I even have a certificate to prove it."

Face smiled then. "You know what I did last week?"

"Why don't you tell me." Murdock replied moving from kneeling to sitting at his friends feet, wanting to retain the contact.

"I sat outside the VA. Just sat there until it was almost dark."

"You want to tell me why?" Murdock said, softly.

"I missed you. Isn't that dumb?" Face looked straight at him then. "I just sat there even when it started raining."

"Hey it's OK. " Murdock said squeezing his arm again.

"I think I'd have stayed all night. It felt right. Felt like home."

Murdock smiled. "I wish I could say the same. That place never feels like home to me."

Face swallowed. "It isn't the place. It's the person in the place. I wanted to be with you." His voice was trailing off fast.

"I know." Murdock said looking away.

"You know? What do you know?" Face said frowning.

Murdock took a long deep breath. "I think I always knew. Just had to wait for you to stop looking for something that you never really wanted. You see I know the real Face. I know the real Templeton Peck. I know all the other characters that you dreamt up. I know what beats in here." He gently laid his palm over his friend's heart. "And I thought I knew who it beat for."

Face tilted his head to one side. "I thought I was lost, Murdock. You any idea what that feels like?"

Murdock nodded. "That's why they keep me in the VA, Muchacho." He slid his hand behind Face's neck and pulled him closer and the two men embraced.

Mrs Johnson beat on the apartment door with the wooden spoon. "Mr Peck? I know you are in there. Look you can ignore me all you want but there is half a turkey sitting outside this door and it's got your name on it." She was getting tired of being ignored. She had done the best she could. If Mr Peck chose not to gratefully accept her offerings then the food would just sit there until someone else fell over it or the cat who lived in the apartment on the next floor found it on his travels.

"Happy Thanksgiving" She yelled as she shuffled back across the coridoor to her own apartment and shut the door loudly behind her.
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Halloween A Team ramblings :-) [Oct. 26th, 2006|05:24 pm]
More mush. Face and Murdock get together for All Hallows Eve.

For Morgan .... as always.


The pumpkin grinned through its toothless mouth. The candle inside it flickered in the gentle evening breeze. It didn’t look menacing though and Murdock couldn’t help but smile back at it. He parked the rented Jeep and slid out of the driver’s seat.

The door to the cabin opened slowly. Face wandered out and leant on the porch railing. “You any idea how good you look by moonlight?”

Murdock smiled. “Don’t look so bad yourself.”

Face smiled, the sort of smile that always managed to melt Murdock’s heart. He stood for a moment just staring at the man before him. He was dressed in blue jeans and a checked shirt. Face’s smile told him exactly how pleased he was to see him.

“So you coming in or are you planning on spending the whole evening just staring at the porch?”

Murdock laughed. “The porch? You’re kidding right?”

Face seemed genuinely surprised. “There isn’t much else up here to be looking at, is there?”

Murdock strolled up the three steps to the porch and slid an arm round his companion’s waist. “You know better than that.” He whispered in Face’s ear.

Face buried his head in Murdock’s neck. He wanted to remember this moment. It was always the same the first few minutes the two men were back together. Back together and alone. Murdock pulled him closer. The gentle evening breeze rustled what remained of the leaves on the trees. Somewhere a long, long way away an owl hooted.

It was Face who pulled away first. He pulled Murdock by the hand into the cabin.

“I cooked.” He stated. “Hope it’s OK. I don’t do this nearly often enough.”

Murdock loved that insecurity. It was one of Face’s most endearing traits.

“It’ll be great. Just as it always is.” He replied.

Face let his hand go then, almost unwillingly. “You want a beer?”

“Sure. I’ll get them. You concentrate on whatever that is on the stove.”

Murdock grabbed two beers from the fridge and prized the tops off. He slumped into an armchair near the fire. “You know we should do this more often.”

“I know.” Face replied. “It’s not for want of trying on my part I can assure you.”

Murdock smiled. “I know, baby.” He put the beer down beside the chair and strolled over to the stove. “How about we forget the main course and go straight to the dessert?”
Face grinned. “You trying to lead me astray, flyboy?”

“Maybe.” Murdock moved closer. “Anyone ever tell you you’d make a great domestic goddess?”

Face laughed loudly. “You say the most romantic things. Go sit down and stop distracting me.” He gently pushed him in the midriff.

Murdock peered into the saucepan. “Sure smells good.”

“Sit.” Face said more forcefully and pointed in the direction of the armchair.

It had been a good meal. Murdock leant back in the chair and stared hard at the pile of used plates, knives and forks. “I guess I get to wash up.”

Face nodded. “Seems only fair.”

“Humph.” Murdock sulked. He slowly pushed his chair backwards and stood up. Sidling round the table he eventually stood behind Face. Reaching forward he started to massage his shoulders. “Too much tension.” He stated.

“Washing up.” Face said.

“Too much stress too.” Murdock continued.

“Murdock.” Face said, trying to hide a smile.

Murdock leant further forward and slid both palms down his lover’s shirt. “Come to bed.” He whispered in his ear.

Face closed his eyes. He could feel Murdock’s warm breath on his neck. His hands continued their downward descent.

“Mur …..” Face swallowed. Murdock was now nibbling on an earlobe. Any thoughts of the washing up had gone. He sat still enjoying the attention that his lover was foisting upon him.

Murdock moved round in front of him squeezing himself between Face’s chair and the table. He slowly sank to his knees. Face slid forward in the chair pushing his groan closer to his companion.

“Not here.” Murdock said. “I want to do this properly.”

Face opened his eyes. The look of longing and want in Murdock’s eyes was only too evident.

Face nodded but didn’t speak. Wordlessly the two men climbed to their feet and headed for the bedroom. Face went in first waiting for Murdock to follow him. He reached back with a foot and pushed the door almost silently shut.

Outside the pumpkin seemed to have an even broader smile.
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For Morgan - 30th September [Oct. 1st, 2006|09:07 am]
Another piece of A Team nonsense :-) I am obsessed with what happened after the last episode in season four! "The Sound of Thunder". Maybe this is what happened once Murdock is home and recuperating .....

(Morgan - This one, like all the mush, is for you on a day when I wanted you thinking, just occasionally, of other things.)

It felt like he had been travelling forever. He remembered hearing faint sounds, some he recognised, some he didn’t. Now he had no idea where he was just that for once it was peaceful and there was virtually no pain. He lay still, his eyes tightly shut wondering what he would find when he did finally open them. There had been pain, a lot of pain. He remembered yelling to Face, clinging desperately to his hand, making him promise whatever happened that he wouldn’t leave him alone. Something told him that that was a long time ago. This place must be a million miles from the hell hole in Vietnam where he had sustained the bullet injury. He could feel clean, fresh sheets beneath his fingers. A million miles and then some.

Face sat on the deck of the beach house and stared out to sea. The seagulls wheeled overhead but his mind was on other things. A promise he had made several lifetimes ago.

** "We’ll come home again, won’t we?"

"You think I’d ever let anything ever happen to you? I’m going to stick to you like glue, Murdock." **

Murdock had smiled then.

Face remembered that smile. He remembered everything about that night. He even remembered Murdock’s frantic lovemaking as if this would be the last time the two men would ever be one. Afterwards they had slept wrapped tightly round one another. Never losing physical contact. At one point Murdock had woken obviously from a dark, demonic dream and Face had just held him.

** "Promise me." It was a statement not a question.

"Promise you what?"

"That we can have this again."

"How can I promise you anything when we are about to head back to Vietnam?" **

Face remembered the haunted look that took hold of Murdock. So what had he done? He had promised. The words just tumbled out of his mouth. Stupid. Now he had to pick up the pieces. Explain to Murdock what went wrong. Why his friend and lover now had another sutured bullet hole and a scar that would be with him probably for the rest of his life.

A neighbour, a young girl in a skimpy shirt and jogging shorts, ran by waving and calling him by name. He didn’t even hear her. His mind was thousands of miles away reliving someone elses battle and dealing yet again with a wounded comrade. Not just any comrade either. Murdock. The person dearer to him than life itself.

Murdock lay still. He could hear the seagulls now and in the distance the sound of laughter. A girl’s voice calling a once familiar name. He was still wary of opening even one eye. Afraid that the reality that appeared to surround him might be anything but real. Terrified that he’d wake up and find that this was all some fantasy and he’d still be sitting in the pilot’s seat of a bullet ridden chopper leaking blood. He’d wait. Lie low. See what happened next.

The sun was setting. Face had glanced back into the bedroom on several occasions. He had even walked round the bed a few times checking on Murdock. He appeared to be sleeping undisturbed. He had watched paranoidly the slow and steady rise and fall of his companion’s chest. Still breathing. Still alive. There was a breeze now and Face realised that before long it would be too cold to continue sitting outside without a jacket. He stood up and stretched wondering just how long it had been since he had last eaten. He checked his watch. It was time to call Hannibal.

The clock in the kitchen confirmed the time and he reached for the phone, rang the number and waited. He didn’t have to wait long. Hannibal was waiting for the call.


Face took a deep breath. "He’s still sleeping." He paused listening to Hannibal’s reply.

"Tomorrow, Colonel. As usual 10am."

Another pause.

"Good night, sir." He replaced the phone.

Face padded back through to the bedroom. He had avoided wearing any shoes. He wanted to keep as quiet as possible to avoid the possibility of waking Murdock. Standing silently at the bottom of the bed he watched again for the rise and fall of his lover’s chest. Murdock still slept. Almost silently he reached over, grabbed a chair and sat down. It would be another half hour before dark. Once the sun had set and night had fallen he would close the doors and shut out the evening breeze. The last thing Murdock needed now was a chill. At the moment though Face wanted to make the most of the end of the day. He spent the time switching his line of vision from Murdock to the sea and the low red sun.

Murdock was more than aware now that he wasn’t alone. Even though his companion had tried to remain silent, he hadn’t missed the footsteps on the carpet. Had heard the voice on the phone. He knew now that he was safe. The person here was no demon, no gun-wielding enemy out to cut him down. It was Face. The only problem he had now was trying to find a way to put things right. He had so desperately wanted to get the team and Fulbright out of Vietnam in one piece. Yet things hadn’t gone according to plan and Fulbright had died. The journey in the chopper was his last memory. He vaguely remembered landing and then nothing just blackness.

He opened one eye and looked at the figure at the end of the bed. Face was staring out at the setting sun. He looked haunted. Murdock was convinced that he looked a hundred years older. The old familiar smile had gone. He wanted to speak but his throat seemed dry, cracked. His only choice was to try and move. Unfortunately his legs suddenly felt that they were made of lead. The sun was almost down and the room was rapidly getting darker. Face climbed slowly to his feet and stretched. Wandering to the glass doors he pulled them shut and turned the key. He stood silently taking one last glance at the beach and then pulled the curtains switching on the small lamp on the small table that stood close by.

Murdock watched his every move. Face stood with his head bowed for several seconds.

Murdock moved a hand trying desperately to unearth it from under the bed covers. Face glanced over catching the sudden movement.

"Murdock?" He didn’t move. Terrified that he hadn’t seen what he thought he saw.

Murdock smiled but said nothing.

Face covered the distance from the doors to the bed in a couple of strides.

"Murdock?" He repeated and sat gently on the edge of the bed. Murdock hauled his hand out and gently laid it on his companion’s thigh. The effort was exhausting. He couldn’t believe how tired he still felt considering how long he must have been laying here.

Face gently pushed a stray lock of hair from Murdock’s forehead. "God I’ve missed you." He whispered.

"I'm sorry." Murdock croaked.

Face frowned. "Sorry?"

Murdock managed a feeble nod. "I screwed up." He closed his eyes and the memories immediately came flooding back.

"You screwed up?" Face frowned.

Murdock seemed lost in his thoughts again.

"You screwed up?" Face repeated a little louder this time and he squeezed the hand that rested on his thigh.

"Yeah. Fulbright. Not to mention you, the Colonel and BA."

"Murdock. You got us out. You got us to safety."

Murdock opened his eyes again desperate to lose the images that were circulating in his head.

"No one 'screwed up' but me. You ever break a promise Murdock?" Face said staring at the carpet. His voice was almost a whisper and Murdock had to strain to hear him.

"Maybe. No probably." Murdock smiled.

"Was it an important promise? A life or death promise?" Face's voice was monotone and again he didn't look up afraid what he might see in his lover's eyes.

"I don't know, Face." Murdock frowned. The anguish Face was going through was only too evident from his whole demeanour.

"I ought to phone the Colonel. Tell him you are awake." Face began to pull away. Murdock clung to his leg as much as his limited strength would allow him.

"He can wait."

Face looked up then. "You think you can ever forgive me?" His eyes still had that haunted look.

"Nothin' to forgive you for."

"What about keeping you safe, bringing you back in one piece?"

"You promised me that we'd have what we had before. You're not going back on that, are you?"

Face looked away. "No."

"Face?" Murdock whispered. "Look at me. Don't turn away."

Face turned slowly.

"Come here." He gently patted the bed next to where he lay. Again the effort nearly exhausted him but he knew this was important. If Face turned away from him now then he would have lost everything. Whatever happened after that would be unimportant.

Face slowly climbed to his feet and walked round the bed. Pulling the sheets back, he slipped his shoes off and carefully lay down beside Murdock. Avoiding the bandages that Murdock still carried, he rested his head on his chest and closed his eyes. The only sound he could hear was the steady thump thump of his heart.

Murdock slowly moved an arm and wrapped it round him. Face was home. Back where he should have been and maybe now they could begin to rebuild their lives.
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More A Team Ramblings :-) [Sep. 27th, 2006|07:28 pm]
An attempt at a missing scene from The Sound of Thunder.

The very thought of returning to Vietnam filled Murdock's every waking hour with dread. At night all he could hear was the sound of the chopper blades, screams, death. He had come so far thanks to the VA but now he had to face going back to the one place that he dreaded most.

He could hear Hannibal's voice but it was indistinct, almost muffled. Then there was a long silence. Footsteps. A door closing.

"Captain?" He felt someone gently squeeze his shoulder.


"You didn't hear a word I said, did you?" Hannibal was crouched down in front of him.

Murdock slowly shook his head.

"You want me to run over it again?"

"No." Murdock's voice was almost a whisper.

"Captain, do you think you are up to this mission?"

Murdock didn't move. He could feel Hannibal's eyes burning into his soul. He wanted to run. Fight or flight. Flight seemed by far the easier option.

Another voice.

"Colonel, can you give me a few minutes with Murdock?"

"Sure, Face." Hannibal squeezed his shoulder again and then stood up.

More footsteps and a door shutting. Murdock knew he and Face were alone. He still didn't look up.

"It's the thought of going back, isn't it? The unknown. The memories." Face said, flatly. "It isn't just you, Murdock. I have had the same thoughts. The same fears. I told myself that whatever happened that was one place I would never see again. We all got out. We all came home but why go back? Why risk setting foot on Vietnamese soil ever again?"

Murdock sighed deeply but said nothing.

"God knows you gave as much as any of us. Maybe more. I heard one of the orderlies at the VA once say that you left your heart and your sanity in Vietnam. It's been a long time. You've come a long way since the day we all came home." If Face was hoping for some sort of response he didn't get any. He stood up and walked round the room.

"So maybe this time Hannibal has to find himself another pilot. It's no big deal. Maybe Fulbright can rustle someone up." He tried to add a little humour to his dull, flat tone. It didn't work. Murdock still sat starting at the floor.

"He won't make you go. You know that, right?" Face watched him closely from the other side of the room.

Finally Murdock looked up. His eyes looked haunted. His forehead was full of deep frown lines.

"It's not just going back, Face." Again his voice was almost a whisper. Face moved closer desperate not to miss a word.

"Then what is it?" Face knelt down in front of him.

"I don't want to lose ....us."

"You think I'd ever let anything ever change us, Murdock? Whether it's here, Vietnam or the moon, nothing will ever change the way I feel about you. As soon as I heard about this mission I knew the effect it would have on the whole team. We all have memories of our time there. But there are some memories that only you and I share. Nothing or no one will ever take them away from us. If it hadn't been for Vietnam there would never even have been an us"

Murdock looked straight into Face's eyes then. "I have to go back then."

"No." Face said. "No, you don't."

"Yes I do. I know the territory better than any pilot Fulbright could find. I won't let anyone else take a chance with your life."

The footsteps were returning. Steady paces in the hallway. A knock at the door.


Face stood up and stood beside Murdock. "Come in Colonel."

Hannibal slowly opened the door and walked over to join his two men.


Murdock slowly climbed to his feet. It felt like the whole world was sitting on his shoulders, weighing him down. "Sir."

"You OK, Murdock?"

Murdock didn't look up. "Yes, Sir."

"I'll see you both in the morning then?"

"Yes, Sir." Murdock repeated.


"In the morning, Colonel." Face reitterated.

Hannibal nodded and strode back out into the hallway.

Face and Murdock stood quietly listening to the footsteps fade into the distance.

"Can you stay with me tonight?" Murdock asked finally, more than a faint hint of desperation in his voice.

"Like we did in Vietnam the night before every mission?"

Murdock nodded.

"You really need to ask?" Face smiled.

Murdock knew he didn't. Face would always be there. His rock. His sanity. The owner of his heart.
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More Mush!! [Sep. 14th, 2006|07:10 pm]
Another A Team story. Slash as ever and also fairly inoffensive! To my good buddy Morgan with huge hugs.

"Maybe Not Halloween. Maybe Not Thanksgiving"

It had only been four days. Seemed longer. Much longer. Murdock sat on the grass outside the VA staring into the distance. Was it really just 96 hours ago that Face had last been here? His mind concentrated on trying to convert that to minutes and then to seconds.

"Murdock. It's getting late. Time to be heading back indoors." The man gently squeezed his shoulder. "Besides it's getting cold out here. Won't be long till winter sets in."

Murdock slowly climbed to his feet. "You think I'll still be here at Christmas?"

The man sighed. "I don't know, Murdock. I don't earn the big bucks round here. Just an orderly. It's going to depend on how things go between now and then I guess."

"I'd like to be out of here for Christmas." His gaze wandered from his companion into the distance.

"Well maybe you will be. Best to look on the bright side. You have any family?"

Murdock tilted his head to one side. "Sort of."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, sort of." Murdock repeated.

Back in his room Murdock stared at the calendar. Halloween was just around the corner. After that it would be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. He desperately wanted to be anywhere else than at the VA when that rolled around again. Not that the VA was a bad place to be. The staff did their best. It's just that they had their limitations. Murdock shut his eyes and his mind began to wander.

"You going to spend the whole day in bed?" Face said prodding him gently in the ribs.

"You think of anywhere better." Murdock replied, his eyes tightly shut and a broad grin cemented on his face.

"Well depends. We have to eat."

Murdock opened an eye. "We could get someone to deliver. The phone's within reach."

Face sighed. "You really want me to spend the whole day here with you? You lusting after my body that much?"

Murdock rolled over and snuggled closer to his companion. "Yup. I am insatiable."

"Evidently." Face said, trying to hide a grin.

"You ever going to let me up from here? You know sometime I have to get at least as far as the bathroom."

"Not right now." Murdock said draping an arm across Face's midrift.

"What about our invitation to dinner tonight with Hannibal that you so willingly accepted the other day?"

"We can cancel." Murdock laid his head on Face's stomach.

"Murdock." Face said trying to keep his mind on the conversation.


"You are making this awfully hard for me."

Murdock grinned. "That's exactly what I had in mind. You sure you still want to go to the bathroom?" His hand roamed back from Face's ribs, heading south.


Murdock looked up from the book he was reading.

"You have a visitor. You feel up to some company? He looks real official too. Uniform and everything."

Murdock raised an eyebrow "Military police?"

The orderly shrugged. "Maybe."

"OK." Murdock said tossing the book aside. He could hear the rapid footsteps in the coridoor outside. He swallowed. Decker. Or maybe some of Decker's cronies. He was wrong. In front of him, wearing a broad grin, was Lieutenant Templeton Peck in full military uniform.

"Thank you sir." He said brusquely to the orderly. "You can leave us alone now. I will try not to be too long but please ensure that we are not disturbed. Feel free to lock the door if you prefer and I'll let you know when I am ready to leave."

The orderly speedily left and did exactly as Face had suggested.

"How you doing?" Face enquired sitting down beside Murdock on the bed. He gently squeezed his friend's arm. "This was the first time I have had a chance to get back."

"Four days." Murdock said flatly.

"Not for want of trying. It's getting harder and harder to get in here. Sometimes, however, they don't see what is right under their noses."

Murdock stared at the floor. "Four days. Ninety six hours ....."

"I know. Look, I tried, believe me."

Murdock looked up at him then, hearing the hint of desperation in his voice.

"I don't like this any better than you do but until we can get you out of here permanently, can you think of any other solution?"

Murdock shook his head slowly but said nothing.

"You think I don't want us to be together all the time? You have any idea what all these nights alone are doing to me? I even gave up the king size bed and got myself a single because I hate having all that empty space next to me."

Murdock sighed. "It's nearly Halloween."

"What?" Face said feeling more than slightly exasperated.

"And then it'll be Thanksgiving and then Christmas."


"I don't want to be here at Christmas, Face."

Face gently slid an arm around him and pulled him closer. "I don't want you here tomorrow but at the moment we don't have a choice."

"You've got me out of here before." The misery in Murdock's voice was evident.

"I can get you out of here again but you know there is a reason why you are here."

Murdock nodded slowly. "How much longer, Face?" He gently rested his head on Face's shoulder.

"I don't know, baby. I wish I did."

There was a long silence then. Neither man knowing what to do or say. Face just held him close listening to the sound of the clock endlessly ticking in the background. Time passing. Valuable time. Time they could be spending wrapped around each other a long, long way from here.

Finally Face gently pulled away. "Let me see what I can do. Maybe not Halloween, maybe not Thanksgiving but definitely Christmas, OK?"

Murdock looked up at him. For the first time Face could see hope in his eyes. "You mean it?"

Face smiled. "Yeah. Christmas. I promise you we won't be apart. I'll work something out. Might have to involve BA and Hannibal but we'll be together for Christmas."

"And New Year?"

"Want to start the New Year as you mean to go on, eh?"

Murdock nodded. "New Year. New start." He paused. "Just the two of us, Face."

Face swallowed. He tried to smile but inside his heart was breaking. What should he do? Give the only person he really loved in the world some false hope or tell him the truth. A truth that might just break his heart.

"No more VA? No more running? You know I can't promise you that."

Murdock looked lost again.

"I can promise you though that there will never be anyone else for me, Murdock. However long it takes, whatever it takes, I'll be there waiting."

The loud knock at the door broke the moment. The orderly stood outside pointing to his watch.

Face had literally seconds. "Christmas, Murdock. I promise you." He squeezed his arm.

The key turned in the lock and the door opened. "Sorry Lieutenant."

Face, ever the professional, stood almost to attention. "I quite understand. Thank you Mr Murdock. Your help has been invaluable." He walked stiffly towards the door. To the orderly he added "I shall be back next week. We have just a few more points that we would like to clear up."

The orderly nodded. "Of course, sir."

As Face left he glanced back over his shoulder. Murdock was watching his every move. Face noted with more than a small amount of satisfaction that the hope had returned to his lover's eyes.
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Another Earlier Piece of A Team drivel! [Sep. 4th, 2006|07:07 pm]
While I was at it, I figured I might as well add this too :-) Again written for Morgan who I'd move heaven and earth to make happy.

Alexandra James leant heavily against the barn wall. The thermometer above her head read 90 degrees and that was in the shade. It had been a long hard day. Her horse stood beside her, his head drooping.

"Long day, hey fella." She said patting his neck. "Ready to hit the hay, eh?" She smiled at her own comment.

She led him into the barn grateful for the shade and breeze that blew through the old wooden building.

By the time she heard the car approaching, the horse was munching happily on some hay and Alexandra had gone back to the house.

She pushed the back door open. "Hey you’re early?"

"Not that early. Hope you don’t mind I brought a friend." The tall, jeans clad man climbed out of the car shutting the door gently behind him. "Alex, this is my friend H M Murdock. Murdock, Alexandra James, known to her friends as Alex."

Alex strolled over to the car. "Hiya, Murdock. I have heard a lot about you. Temp always talks about you. I am glad you could come."

Murdock dragged his baseball cap off his head and smiled. "I heard a lot about you too. Nice to meet you. You got a nice place here."

Alex shrugged. "Nice place but more than I could manage if I didn’t have good friends." She smiled warmly at Face. "Don’t know what I’d have done these last few months if I hadn’t had them. Temp here has done more than most. You two ready for some supper?" She beckoned for them to follow her back to the house. "It isn’t anything too exciting. Hope you weren’t expecting anything too fancy."

Murdock smiled. "You mean it isn’t going to be like one of those high class restaurants that Face here scams from time to time?"

Alex laughed loudly. "Nothing like that."

"She’s real pretty, Face." Murdock stated, watching the figure in the kitchen. "You two been spending a lot of time together recently. It getting serious?"

Face shrugged. "She’s a friend, Murdock. Just a friend."

Murdock nudged him in the ribs. "A friend who puts you up overnight. A real close friend."

Face smiled. "Yeah we are close. Running a ranch this size even with help means long days."

"And even longer nights too, I bet."

Murdock's evil grin went totally unnoticed by his companion. Face was deep in thought. Just how good a friend was Alex. Sure they had ended a fair number of nights recently wrapped in a rug in front of the fire having downed a few beers. True too that he had stayed over. Alex was a good friend. Someone with whom he felt he could share just about anything. His past. His dreams for the future. Thinking about it now he wondered just what she wanted from their friendship. It had honestly never occurred to him before that there would be anything physical developing between the two of them. Did she have other plans?

He was disturbed by the clatter of saucepans from the kitchen.


Murdock was on his feet instantly. "You sure you don't need a hand with anything out there?"

Alex swore under her breath annoyed at her own clumsiness. "No Murdock. I want you guys to just relax and enjoy this evening. This is a kind of thank you to Temp for everything he has done these last few weeks. I honestly never imagined him hauling hay but he's been incredible. Temp, you think you could do me one more favour? Promise it'll be the last ... for a while at least."

Face smiled. "Sure. You want me to run out and check on Gulliver?"

Alex nodded. "You really are getting an old hand at this ranching stuff. It's getting dark. I just want to make sure he has hay and water for the night. I'll make us a coffee."

Face stretched and climbed to his feet. "I could get used to it too. A hard day's labouring followed by a rocking chair on the porch and a cold beer."

Murdock watched him go. Intrigued. This was a side of Face he wasn't familiar with.

"Murdock? You want a coffee?"

Murdock walked through to the kitchen watching Alex carefully.

"He's a good man. You are lucky to have him as a friend, Murdock." Alex stated picking three mugs off the rack. "He said you two met in Nam?"

Murdock nodded. "And been together ever since we got back too. He's sort of part of me now. Always there when I need a friend."

Alex leaned on the working surface. "Been a long time since I met someone like him too. Always giving and never wanting anything back. I don't think I ever met anyone quite as unselfish. Handy guy to have around in a place like this. There always seems to be something too big to haul or too heavy to drag."

Murdock smiled. "He's been spending a lot of time out here recently."

"And you are wondering what the future holds, eh?" Alex smiled. "Whether I might try and persuade him to move in permanently?"

"It's really none of my business." Murdock stated flatly.

"But you'd still like to know?"

"Yeah, I guess."

Alex sighed. "I don't know. Kind of depends on Temp really. Sure I am interested. Any girl would be flattered to have him hanging on her arm." She smiled warmly. "He's a good guy, Murdock but then I don't need to tell you that. He's good. He's reliable. He could scam anything I am ever likely to need out here. And, yeah, if I am honest I'd like to think we could end up a lot closer than we are now. That isn't really my decision though, is it?"

Murdock swallowed. "I guess we both just want him to be happy."

The sound of the back door brought the conversation to an abrupt close. Face strode purposefully back into the kitchen. "He's fine. Plenty of hay and a fresh bucket of water. You made that coffee yet?"

Alex smiled. "Sorry. We were talking."

Face grinned. "About me?"

Murdock raised an eyebrow. "What on earth made you think that? I seem you haven't lost any of your modesty."

Murdock watched the embers gradually die in the fire. It was late. For the last hour he had nodded in all the right places, added small comments to the conversation but mostly just listened to Face and Alex chat about people, places and the state of the nation. He watched the two of them. They looked good together. Maybe at last Face had found a real soulmate. Perhaps he could finally settle down. Perhaps it was time for him to start taking a back seat.

"You ready to head back, Murdock."

"Hmmm?" Murdock said, suddenly realising that his mind had wandered.

"Back to town?"

Alex looked disappointed. Murdock noticed that straight away.

"How about I take the Corvette and drive back out in the morning for you?" Murdock said.

"Or you could both just stay. I've got plenty of space." Alex added, hopefully.

"You sure?" Face said. "It might be easier than the track back down to the road. You know we really have to get those holes fixed before you break an axle down there."

Alex smiled. "You know I would love you both to stay. Murdock can have the room next to mine. The bed is already made up. That OK with you?"

Murdock nodded. "Fine. That OK with you Face?"

Face shrugged. "Sure. Looks like you have guests for the night, Alex."

Face sat on the couch. He could hear Alex giving Murdock instructions on how to use the shower, asking him what he'd like for breakfast. He picked the half empty beer can that he had been drinking earlier off the table and took another swig. Closing his eyes he could hear both their voices clearly. Murdock. His mind was racing. Was it the beer? This was only his second can. Alex.

"You want another one of those?" Alex's voice brought him back to earth with a bump.

"Err, no. I really ought to be heading off to bed myself. It's been a long day."

Alex sat down beside him. "Look Temp. I hope I am not going to regret this but there is something I wanted to discuss with you. You feel up to a little heavy conversation this late?"

Face felt his stomach lurch. "Kind of depends on what you had in mind?"

Alex laid a hand gently on his leg. "You have to know by now how I feel about you. I don't want to force you into anything that you don't want though." She paused trying to ignore the total look of panic on his face.

"Hey, easy. I just thought you ought to know where I stand. That's all. This isn't easy for me, Temp. It's been a long time since I even had a good male friend, much longer since I had one that I feel about the way I do you. I don't want to mess up what we have though."

Face listened. His grip on the beer can tightened.

"God. This is hard." She said trying to force a smile.

"If I was sixteen I'd just be saying, you wanna spend the night? but I am thirty six with two failed marriages behind me. I already messed up a whole string of relationships and this one hasn't even begun yet." She swallowed and looked down at her lap.

"You want to know how I feel about sleeping with you?" Face said, slowly. "About whether we are ready to take that next giant step from friends to lovers?"

Alex smiled. "Yeah but not at the price of losing you for good, Temp."

Face slowly slackened his grip on the beer can and put it back on the table. "I like you Alex. Any normal red blooded male would sling you over his shoulder, take you back there and ravish you. It's just that I am not your average male. I don't want to hurt you either." He paused. His mix of attempted humour and serious conversation was failing dismally.

"You don't have to explain." Alex said pulling away from him.

"Yes I do. I owe you that. You see there is someone else. Someone who like you is just a good friend. Someone that I really want to pursue something with. Trouble is that I haven't got the guts to tell them."

Alex nodded. "It's OK. I understand. As I said you don't have to explain."

Face sighed. "If I know you as well as I think I do you probably already know."


Face looked away from her then. Terrified of what he might see in her eyes.

"Temp?" She reached out and squeezed his shoulder. "Hey, it's OK."

Face turned slowly. "He doesn't know. I don't think he even suspects."

Alex chewed her lip. "Then perhaps you ought to tell him. He seems a good man, Temp. OK I only know him from what you have told me about him. If I have to lose you to anyone then I would want it to be him. I am not bitter. I am not mad. Our friendship means more to me than that. But you do have to tell him. If he is the one great love of your life then grasp that with both hands and enjoy every minute of it. Don't waste another day. You are too good a man to be alone, Temp"

Face reached out for her then and buried his head in her neck. She reciprocated holding him tenderly. She could feel the relief ebbing out of his tired body. "Tell him, Temp." She whispered in his ear.

Down the corridoor a bedroom door clicked almost silently shut and Murdock leant heavily against it taking in what he had just heard. He smiled
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New Story - Ramblings from a Friday afternoon at work :-) [Sep. 4th, 2006|12:41 pm]
A piece of A Team fan fiction for Morgan with huge hugs!


"He’s a good looking guy, don’t you think?"

The man walking his dog cheerfully waved and carried on his way.

Murdock shrugged. "Yeah, guess so. I have no need to play the field."

Face smiled. "Murdock, you never did play the field."

His companion smiled broadly back at him. "True. I have only ever had eyes for you."

"Yeah and I was too dumb to notice."

Murdock frowned. "One thing you have never been is dumb, Face."

"I’m not so sure. All those wasted years. Looking for something that was right under my nose all the time. You never gave up waiting though, Murdock. That says a lot about you."

"It says that I never settled for less."

Face sighed. "How did I ever get this lucky?"

"I am the lucky one. I’d have waited for you until eternity."

Face ran his hand behind Murdock’s neck and gently squeezed pulling him closer. "You’re a good man. You deserve better."

Murdock stared into his lover’s blue, blue eyes. "I keep telling you there is no one better. No one more tender. No one more giving. No one who is more willing to share their life with me … their body with me."

"Not only share it but give it willingly." Face almost whispered.

The sun slid behind the hill. The only visible light came from the cabin in the valley. Face was sitting on the couch his hands wrapped round a mug of coffee. Murdock watched him intently from the kitchen. The last few days had given them the peace and quiet they had craved for so long. Face had had a chance to recuperate from the bumps and bruises of their last mission. It would be over far too soon. Hannibal was already making plans. Another mission. More danger. More death. More destruction. Murdock wondered how many more times they could escape almost certain death or serious injury. He wondered how many more times he would be willing to take that risk.

"Murdock? You going to stand there forever staring into space?" Face enquired.

"Just watching you, baby." Murdock replied, smiling.

"Watching and thinking, eh?"

"You ever want to just give it all up, Face. Take our chances somewhere?"

Face tilted his head to one side and thought. "You think Hannibal would ever let us? He'd be losing the best pilot he ever had."

"And the best scam artist." Murdock added.

"I don't know what I see in the way of a future in all honesty. As long as you are a part of it I guess it never really seemed to matter. I had never really thought about us settling down somewhere. A life in suburbia. Just you, me and a mortgage."

"I like the sound of the you and me bit." Murdock stated. "Not so sure about the mortgage though."

"You think we could scam our way through life then? Always moving from place to place. No roots?"


Face stretched and put the coffee cup down on the floor. "You mean you'd do that if I asked?"

"Sure." Murdock stated without hesitation.

"You would really spend the rest of your life on the run with me? You have to be kidding."


Face got to his feet and wandered through to the kitchen. "I keep telling you I got lucky the day we met. It just took me far too long to realise just how lucky. You are an amazing man, Murdock. Complex, complicated, adorable ...."

"And don't forget cute." Murdock reached out and gently kissed Face's cheek.

"Yeah cute and sexy as hell." Face pulled him closer. "Let's forget how little time we have left here. Let's just turn off the light, shut the bedroom door and make some memories."

And that was just what they did.
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